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9mm Machine Pistol

A .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) showing another design for a 9mm Machine Pistol.

Readers of Expedient Homemade Firearms Volume I and II may find the following 9mm Machine Pistol design of interest.

The firearm is constructed using similar materials and techniques as those illustrated in my previous books. The following construction drawings will be familiar to readers already conversant with my previous designs. The pistol uses the same design magazine shown in Volume I, though I have included the magazine base plate spring design, shown in Volume II, as a design improvement.

I have designed the bolt to be a simple unit easily machined using a lathe, rather than assembling the bolt from the selection of hardware products shown in Volume I and II.

In short, I have designed the machine pistol with the slightly more advanced home-gunsmith in mind and to enable relatively simple home workshop construction.

Click on the link to view in your browser with the Acrobat Reader plug-in, or right-click to download to your computer:

9mm Machine Pistol (file size is 3,913,078-bytes)
Receiver 3D Drawing (file size is 105,693-bytes)
9mm MP Schematic (file size is 148,706-bytes)
9mm MP9mm MP images (file size is 381,633-bytes)

If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

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