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Only through mass non-compliance with all gun and knife
laws will we ever overthrow Britains anti-gun fascist gun laws.
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"We want your guns ... All of em"

"When guns are outlawed", goes the old proverb, "only outlaws will have them". We all know what it means and it could not better describe the situation we have in England in 2002. Only the criminals and police now have access to the Hand-gun, even if some of these "criminals" are otherwise law abiding people who have the sense not to be unarmed, they are still "classed" as a "criminal".

Back in 1987 when the British Government decided to ban semi-automatic rifles, behind the usual smoke-screen of "Law and Order", I did "my bit" writing letters to MPís and the press trying to inject a degree of commonsense into the proceedings. To little effect, as was expected, the guns were prohibited. For good measure, shotguns were placed under even more draconian control even though they didnít feature in the crime which was used as an excuse to take the rifles out of the hands of thousands of law abiding people. The ban achieved nothing. The illegal ownership of firearms increased along with the crime rate. The Government knew they had to be seen to be "Doing Something". They did. They trampled upon the rights of an innocent minority whoís only "crime" was to own a particular type of rifle, a rifle no more "Dangerous" than any other firearm, if used in a criminal or irresponsible manner. The semi-automatic rifle is now extinct in England, a victim of hysteria and political expediency. It will never return. Our criminals, however, have ready access to an array of weaponry from MAC10ís to semi-automatic pistols and the armed paramilitary wing of our "Unarmed Police Force" bristle with prohibited machine-guns and semi-automatic hand-guns! Law abiding citizens, the very people who should have the firearms, for the most part, do not. Due to the draconian controls we are brainwashed into believing make our society safer.

As anyone else with a genuine interest in a particular subject, my interest in firearms and "Gun Control" issues remained constant, and when the need arose, I continued to fight my own personal campaign against the anti-firearms lobby.


Then came 1996. The most disastrous year in the history of firearms ownership. The anti-gun lobby received the most wonderful gift they could have ever imagined. A lunatic, armed with a pistol, committed a particularly grave crime. In usual British fashion, some gun owners succumbed to the dreaded "gun owner guilt complex" while others gave a good impression of the ostrich and hoped the "problem" would go away. It didnít. Public concerns, while understandable, were fanned into an hysteria which even by British standards, was a staggering example of the blind leading the blind.


Seeing that another perfect opportunity to disarm another innocent minority was at hand, the Government, backed to the hilt by the hidden agendas of the police and media, succeeded in prohibiting the legal ownership of privately owned hand-guns. Through a law based wholly on hysteria and knee-jerk reactions and without a shred of evidence that a law banning all legally held pistols would have the slightest effect on gun crime, one of the greatest injustices inflicted on a law abiding section of British society came into effect. With the stroke of a pen, one of the most fundamental rights of a free people, to keep and bear arms, ceased to exist. Many thousands of law-abiding people lost, at the very least, a life-long hobby or sport. Others lost their jobs and livelihoods. In human terms the costs of the ban cannot be fully calculated. In financial terms, it cost the British taxpayer many millions of pounds as the Government reluctantly engaged in a hand-gun "Buy Back" scheme. What did it achieve? Nothing! Since the ban, crime rates have soared and gun related crime is at an all time high. It is often reported in the media that we are more likely to be a victim of a violent attack in our own inner city areas than in the often reported areas in the United States with its supposedly high crime rates and, incidentally, a more liberal and enlightened attitude towards firearms ownership.

When the 1996 Hand-gun hysteria started, I knew it was only a matter of time before the pistol joined its friends in the extinct cabinet. After all, it was just too good an opportunity for the "gun grabbers" to pass up.

The British gun owner took little notice of the truth in the old proverb "If we donít hang together we will all hang separately". And hand-gun owners did hang, while the rifle and shotgun owners gave little in the way of "supporting fire". When it comes time for the shotgun and rifle owners to hang, I wonder who will support them?

I decided it was time for action. Words and reason were an insufficient weapon against lies and misinformation. I had to illuminate the true motivations behind the anti-gun lobby and show the futility of attempting to control who may own a gun and who may not. I decided the best way of dispelling the cosy myths expounded by the gun grabbers was to write a book! A controversial book, something that would rock the flimsy foundations of the anti-gun ideology.


An academic book, full of facts and statistics perhaps? Well such a book is great and can offer useful ammunition to fire at the enemy, but facts and figures can be taken out of context by the opposition to prove or disprove a particular point. Beside, such a book may be viewed as a boring read by anyone without a keen interest in the subject and the reader may even be in danger of "Nodding off" after a chapter or two. Hardly the result desired by its albeit learned author! What I wanted was instant impact, something that would shock the anti-gun mindset into something resembling human logic and consciousness! But what. Due to my long interest in firearmís design, the answer to my quest hit me like a brick. I had it, a ĎHomemade Sub-Machine Gun Bookí! Think about it. If the average person can build their own machine gun, with all its inherent firepower, from "off the shelf" materials, wouldnít all anti-gun legislation suddenly be seen for what it really is, the transparent sham of "Crime Control" behind which the gun grabbers try to hide? I went to work.

My requirements for building the machine gun were two-fold. It must combine both simplicity of design and material availability as a means of achieving simplicity of manufacturer. I had three machine gun designs to chose from. The first being no more than a fully automatic "zip gun" which didnít have all the characteristics normally associated with what is commonly perceived as classic machine good looks. It was, however, a laughably simple design. The other was in .45 a.c.p calibre and although a nice and simple design, I wanted a 9 mm. Itís the most popular machine gun round in existence and, as a result, ammunition availability is very good. I opted for the 9 mm. Designing and constructing the machine gun took about six months, fitting it in as best I could between various other endeavours. The main problem being designing such a weapon around available materials and products, while at the same time ensuring a reasonable degree of durability and strength. Eventually, out of an array of innocent-looking hardware products, a fully functioning automatic firearm emerged like a Phoenix from the Anti-gun smelting pot! Following extensive test firing (this being the most enjoyable part), I proceeded to compile the manuscript, drawings and photographs with one thought in mind. The finished book must be written in a format which the average individual would understand and offer an improvised machine gun design simple enough for any would-be homegunsmith to put into practice, if he so desired.

Upon its completion, the machine gun was reasonably light and compact. All items used in construction were standard hardware products which would not arouse suspicions when purchased or left "lying around". It would fire a commercially available cartridge and could be clandestinely manufactured without the need for expensive machine-tools. I felt the finished product fulfilled all the requirements I had originally laid out. More importantly, at least as far as I was concerned, it succeeded in giving the British anti-gun lobby something to think about, which was the whole motivation behind the project in the first place. The irony of the whole story though is this: it was those responsible for the hand-gun ban whom I have to thank for ĎExpedient Homemade Firearmsí. If it were not for the anti-gun lobby, neither the book or this web site would exist!

Strange how things turn out sometimes!

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