BSP in Action
Only through mass non-compliance with all gun and knife
laws will we ever overthrow Britains anti-gun fascist gun laws.
"Vengeance will be mine, one bullet at a time"

Union Jack

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.22 Silencer (.pdf)

Semi-Auto BSP SMG (.pdf)


New Book

Homemade Ammo

12 Gauge Pistol

.22 Pistol

9mm MP

Air Machine Gun Plans!
Caselman Air Machine Gun

Caselman Air Machine Gun Video!

A simple "Zip Gun" design

Arrow Rifle

Offensive Weapons



AK-47 in good hands...YOURS!

Mr. Churchill's favorite gun

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Airsoft Gun Safety Tips for Kids

Hunting Mark

Cancer Cured?

Fast Bunny (a .pdf file)

Quite Bunny (a .pdf file)

Build Your Own!

It's amazing what you can buy in France! "Vente Libre!"

Need a Knife?? - My Mate Dan - The Master Knife Maker From Oregon

Eotech Scopes

Aimpoint Scopes

How to Ship Ammunition or Ammo, by John Barth (It will only be of interest to US readers as it's about how to ship ammo legally in the US.)

Full-Auto BB guns Great fun!

Pellet guns — offers the best value in the latest pellet guns on the market. Gamo, Crosman and more all at the bestprices online. Visit us today!

American Airgun Hunter

Build your own Cruise Missile!

Build your own CNC lathe!

Shoot your obsolete calibre firearm!

Shoot your obsolete calibre firearm! Reloading supplies Reloading supplies

TAL arms Ltd Reloading supplies

Cartridge case dimensions

Personal Arms dot com, True Wholesale Prices On All Self Defense Products

Yahoo Group: Weapons

Yahoo Group: Sten 9mm SMG


Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP)

Yahoo Group: Gun Kit Builders

Pro-Gun Posters

UZI Talk Forums

Online Metals for sale

Anarchy and Explosives and General Mayhem

The Explosives and Weapons Forum

Fully Automatic BB Gun

Machine Guns for Collectors and Shooters

The Awful Forums: Homegrown PVC Flamethrower

Kitchen Improvised Plastic Explosives

The Big Book Of Mischief

An article at Blue Mud Org

Pookie's Gun Stuff

WECSOG: Wile E. Coyote School Of Gunsmithin'

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, America's Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership.


The Tannery Shop and Supply

Home-Built Firearms

Gauss gun Pskov 1100. True coilgun pistol.

Track of the Wolf, Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns

eMachine Shop

Roderus Custom Gunworks, The home of garage and hobby gunsmiths, amateur pistol smiths and mini machinists. Forums for discussion.

Home Gunsmith Forums, a service of Roderus Custom Gunworks (above).

Do-It-Yourself Guns, another service of Roderus Custom Gunworks (above).

1911 Forum

American Gunsmithing Institute, training videos and tools for gunsmithing

The Hobby Gunsmith, The Free On-Line Magazine for Hobby Gunsmiths

The Gunsmith

Foley-Belsaw Gunsmith Training Home Study Correspondence Course

Brownells, World's largest supplier of firearm accessories and gunsmithing tools

Assault rifle parts supplier

Brilliant history of the Sten gun

The British Home Defence Force

Orion Tactical Gear

Alternative cancer treatments: Don't let the doctors kill you!

Indepth spring making site.

Security Products

Airplane Hangars: Get quotes for Airplane Hangars from City Steel Buildings.

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